Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Makeover

last night i finally took the time to rearrange, sort and throw away a bunch of stuff i don't need. i hung up some postcards... i'm getting quite the collection... and my little wall of inspiration is actually becoming inspiring.
Beth was nice enough to let me take home the little tree from our craftshow booth. i was waiting for denis and simon to help me but decided that wasn't going to happen any time soon, so last night i gave him a home and put all the toy ornaments on him.
he looks better at night with all the little lights but i didn't get a picture last night.
Joe's helping me dye my hair tonight. hopefully it'll rock. pics tomorrow...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Delight

saturday was it... the crafting season is finally over. no more days spent pedaling my goods. the high school was a great space to have a craft fair. there was plenty of room. and there was a good amount of people, locals looking for presents, mostly. i got a lot of good feedback and sold a decent amount of goods. the cards seemed to be a big hit and i finally found some people to appreciate the pear ornaments. yippee!
our game faces...

donald and joe had the other half of our table. it was great to hang out with them all day. they had some really great hand made cards. they were like little books. i really dig em. and i think donald caught the crafting bug. ha. too bad this is a terrible picture...
"dani, i think you need a better system." donald, i think you're right.

i was pretty good about not spending all the money i made on little things i don't need. but come on.... these are totally necessary. the turkey is my favorite, although the rooster rocks and the flamingo is the whole reason i left my booth to check these little puppies out.


Carmen came over again the other night and we made some cards. What a riot! she was nice enough to model some necklaces ....
this one is a custom job just for her. she needed a longer chain and purple dinosaurs. we can do that.
showing off her fat stack of flashy holiday hellos...
some of the cards i made for saturdays craft show.
but fat kills...

the names Ginga. Ginga Bread!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

keeping my guys on a string

good morning sunshines...
i'm up and at 'em this morning so i can drop off some art to Christie Cure before going to work. She's helping with an art for gifts show/sale that's going on this weekend and next.(Folger Ave. i forget the exact address) i can't give very much since Beth and i are doing the December Delights Craft Sale on saturday. but december delights ends at 3 and Christie's show starts at 6. if i'm lucky i can just move the display to the next show and set up shop there. i should find out today. but either way i'm putting these little fellas in Christie's show(plus some cards and earrings)...

this guy is about 2 feet tall... he's one of a few ceramic puppets i experimented with a few years ago. i haven't tried again, although, i know i should. he's not entirely successful in that he's really hard to control. but i still think he's cool.

i actually made little hands, fingers and toes but when it was all together it was just too much. simple sam is the name of the game.
on to the newest lasso necklaces... i'm still keeping my red guy that i found chopped in half... he's all beat up and missing both his thumbs. these two are in tip-top condition, aside from being cut in 2 and missing their pelvises. :)
i took these pics myself so you can't really see the faces that well. sorry. guess you'll just have to stop over to the folger ave. show and check 'em out.
*no toys were harmed in the making of these necklaces

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jess's new do

Jess made it back to the island for stroll so she could pick up a shift at Cinco's and hang out with all us island folk. but as soon as she got off the boat she asked for a hair cut. i clearly said "heck yeah, i'll cut your hair." so here's the result....

i didn't get a shot of her all dressed up, looking like a million bucks. but trust me... she did.

Stroll Craft Show

4ft of space, two vendors, two days...
not too shabby, right? Beth's mom donated the christmas tree for us to use. it was a nice touch.
and the trusty screen door was packed with our goodies...

it was a lot to see but i thought we did a fine job of putting all our things out.
the little toy ornaments were pretty popular even though the treasure pear ornaments weren't as big a hit as i had wanted. you win some, you lose some.
Lindsay Cressman created this little gem (the apron, clearly) it was polka-dotted and had pears on it. it's was meant to be, an absolute win.
Beth couldn't deck herself out in so many of her own wares the second day because she had to ring a ling-ding the bells for bell choir, and they have a uniform. but this pin she made was the perfect touch.
Jess was back for the weekend and stopped by to help set up. she make this fabulous wreath out of a few of my goodies.
the cards and postcards didn't sell as much as i'd hoped, so the second day i put a few on the door. i should have done that from the beginning.
who doesn't need a pair of these babies? ...

i like all the necklaces i make but this one is a bit of a favorite. Carmen snatched him up after the weekend. how could she not? he's a trick rider!
all in all, a good time. and Beth and I are back at it this coming saturday. it's the december delights craftshow at the high school. come check it out.

a lot of necklaces

i came home from the festival of trees party last thursday and found my living room full of Lithuanians. Nothing out of the ordinary there, but i had to work on some more things for the stroll show and wanted to take some pictures of things. Tomas helped me kick off the photo shoot...
it's kinda lame that i'm modeling all the necklaces and they're all over my black dress. but you get the idea...
the copper chain i ordered was perfect for these...
the flies (which i debated tearing apart, since i made them for halloween) looked pretty flippin sweet. i think it's the wings.
maybe a little hard to tell but this beauty is a cowboy and a goat.
and it's a bad picture, but the red soldier man who's chopped in half is my favorite necklace now. i'm not selling him but i did find some other soldier men. i think they're GI Joes that i made into necklaces like this one.
and here's some earrings and the nifty little cards i put the jewelry on. i'm working my way up.

Carmen just got the big white horse necklace. she's gonna rock it at work, she's a bartender. not a bad conversation piece if i do say so myself.