Monday, August 31, 2009

for summer

an example of someone who makes our cowboy earrings look good...

Monday, August 24, 2009

backstage at the dreamland

the shows are a big hit and things are wrapping up this week.  thursday is the last performance and friday we strike everything and then.... who knows.  

over the summer we didn't get to spend as much time on the pear as we wanted...  our job at the Dreamland Theater absorbed us completely.  jess and i created the sets for the season; "you're a good man, charlie brown," "the sound of music," and "the princess and the pea."  the actual theater is now an empty lot and we put the shows on at a rented space.  unfortunately there wasn't a rented space for us to build, so our little studio, as well as our producer's driveway, doubled as a theater scene shop for the first part of the season.  our creativity was definitely put to the test!

greenhouse show

the second annual "greenhouse arthouse"  took place last week.  art and booze... my kind of night!  jess had to work but i manned the booth which was conveniently located in our studio.  the toy earrings were a big hit... the boys suggested we expand our line to include belly button rings... what do you think?!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

soldiers and such earrings

after receiving a package from mom with bags and bags full of plastic toys; army men, firefighters, cowboys, indians, farm animals, guns, etc...  we got to work drilling holes thru tiny heads and making earrings.  we weren't sure how the nantucket audience would respond to semi-automatic weapons and brightly colored combatants dangling from their lobes but to our great surprise people are rocking 'em!  

we've already run out of matching pairs in the gun department but we're working on bracelets or pendants.  our two pairs of horses went fast and so did the cowboys which came in brighter colors than the typical army man green.  my friend Jeanne Van Etten found us some bugs and we stumbled upon a few dinosaurs so we'll have them finished soon.

catching up... postcards

since we've been dragging our feet creating this blog, we have some catching up to do.  here's a few quick examples of cards we've made.

meet the pair

a little introduction to the two behind the pear...
jess and i met while attending art school at iowa state university in 2004.  jess emphasized metals and woodworking while i focused on ceramics and mixed media.  we went our separate ways and both landed in new england a few years ago; jess in boston and myself in nantucket.  talk of us teaming up finally became reality when jess moved to the island this summer and we grabbed a table at the farmer's and artisan's market.  with the season here almost over we're not sure what our next step will be... new orleans, new york, san fran... we love a good adventure!