Saturday, November 28, 2009

ornamental treasures

i've been making some nifty pear ornaments for your holiday decorating. each little cloth pouch has 2 or 3 small toys and a "fortune" inside. the "fortune" sheet begged to be displayed... some of them just crack me up. (i gathered them from different places on the web)

i figure i'm on a roll today so i'll keep going. beth actually turned me on to these sweet metal bookmarks. the size of the toy doesn't matter as much for these ... not like the earrings, anyway. so the dragon fly and the large key are perfect! i couldn't resist using the strange golfer man with the paint job misalignment. someone will love him!

i thought i would add another comment about the whale cards. a friend asked me a while back if i would illustrate a children's book she's been writing. it's about a little whale with epilepsy. she's trying to raise public awareness of the disease, as well as help kids cope if they have it themselves. the book is in the works and i'm excited to be a part of it. the image i've done is just a preliminary concept. i know there will be lots of meetings and lots more pages ahead.


my envelope order just arrived. i was making my own from paper bags but it's really time consuming.. it took as much time to make the envelope as the card. but i liked the look of the paper bag as well as the fact that it's recycled. so i found these great "grocery bag" 100% recycled envelopes on line at Action Envelopes. now i can start bundling them up. (i think my buddy, Em, cartwheeling is my favorite)

i'm getting ready for the big market stroll weekend (next weekend!) so here's some new necklaces... i have plenty more that i need to photograph.

Monday, November 2, 2009

lighthouse school ho-down

erin dancik, a co-worker at the bookstore, is a teacher at a private school on island that has a yearly ho-down fundraiser. she asked if we had some fun earrings... we were getting to the bottom of the barrel so she only had a few to choose from. after some digging and rearranging she put together three pairs of cowboys and indians. they were a great conversation piece, even more so when erin lost her indian and a number of parents created a search party. sadly, the little guy was never found. erin's resilient however, and soon over came her misplaced indian misfortune with a pair of hardworking farmers. the kids love 'em.Publish Post

the photo was taken by gene mahon.