Saturday, August 28, 2010

Love of the Land

I was excited to be a part of this year's Nantucket Land Council art show.  The pieces all had a wildlife theme; most of them were birds, so my tea set fit right in.  The main ceramic piece was actually made while I was in college but I'd never finished out the set until last fall.  I found some great abandoned bird nests on my walks and saved my eggshells from breakfast to get the "cups" and "saucers."  The mother duck's wings are made of hair from horses at my mother's house.  

I named the little family after my mom..."Dell's Darlins"

A Slew of Market Days Gone By...

Hello friends... It's been a busy busy summer so far and the market has been a pretty big success as far as we're concerned.  Thanks for coming out, seeing us and loving our goods.  

Carmen and I haven't really made many new things lately but we did crank out some pretty spiffy keychains.  We wanted to have more things for the fellas.

Nothing says driving in style like keys attached to one of these bad boys...

And finally... our octopi found a great home.  I couldn't believe these little guys weren't selling, they're the coolest.  After almost two months of hanging on our door and being locked away in our suitcase the octopi are set free.

We still have plenty of fun necklaces that need adopting. And if you have any special requests, let us know.