Thursday, October 15, 2009

cow lover necklace

after an unsuccessful search thru the bookstore for something cow related, i mentioned to the woman and her daughter that i had some cow earrings at home that i sell for the farmer's market.  and although the 12 year old girl she wanted it for doesn't have pierced ears, a necklace would be just the ticket.  some minor adjustments and the earrings are now a cow-tie necklace for the birthday girl.  
p.s.  i think this was the first real commission.  :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

oct. 10 market

Great success!  i didn't get pics of the halloween stuff -of course! but all the new stuff we made was a big hit.   i was a little sad to see the flying pig necklace go... it was my favorite, but i know it has a good home.  and caleb cardel's kids, skyler and milo, (sorry if i misspell) were quite the duo.  unable to pick a pair of earrings to split, they decided to be individual.  i think it was our best day for jewelry... thanks to everyone who came out and we'll see you next week.


we have a new addition to our little booth at the market...Wink!  Beth Moyer hung out with me saturday as we peddled our goods.  she makes super cute pins, earrings, and bookmarks.  all for pierced ears so far... clip ons to come.  we have to get on the ball, but the plan is to share a table for stroll weekend.  there's only one market left. :(