Friday, March 26, 2010

Well Wed

As you may have noticed I'm a bit behind on my blogging and I apologize. I'll do my best to catch up over the weekend. First things first, the Well Wed bridal show that Carmen, Erin and I went to March 6th. Erin met Carmen and I just after getting off the boat and we went for a refreshment while Erin tried to get a ticket to the expo. Carmen and I got scored ours for free from my buddy Jeanne Van Etten (some of you may already know this info since I talked about it in a previous post)
Lucky Duck Erin was able to score a ticket and a good thing too. The show was a good time. There were lots of booths with cake and cookies, (poor Carmen, she gave up sugary treats for lent but that just meant all the more for me) jewelry, food, hair stylists and make up artists. There were seminars for wine tastings, a display with reception table decorations, a photo booth and a cotton candy machine. It was like a carnival filled with dreamy eyed, high maintenance women. Erin found some jewelry she liked, among other things...
Carmen and I got some rocking MOD eyelashes put on by professionals. Because everyone knows how annoying it is to get those fake lashed to look right. Although I do have to throw in that the girl doing this originally glued my right eye closed... she fixed it.... no worries.
We were out of all our complimentary drink tickets by the time the fashion show started up. I thought there would be more girls in dresses... That part of it was okay but not great. A few of the dresses, however were smashing! (that's a pic of the stage and runway... the women in this picture are not the models)
Then here's a pic of Jeanne's cake topper. She donated it to the silent auction. I never did see how much it went for but I thought it was pretty cool hip and groovy.
On the way out we all got a free Well Wed magazine and a complimentary bottle of rose table wine. Carmen and I dropped the ball by leaving our bottles in the hotel fridge the next day when we checked out. sad face.

Erin had already booked a massage the next morning at a ritzy hotel. The name of it escapes me right now, but it was big and fancy. The restaurant was pretty busy for the winter, I thought and the bartender (Carmen remembers his name, he was wearing a name tag) wasn't very friendly. But the food was good and decently affordable. Carmen and I had our party eyes on and were feeling our oats but Erin was pretty sleepy so we all went back to the hotel room and relaxed in the overstuffed beds.
The next day Erin ordered us breakfast roomservice so we could all eat in bed. Then we mulled around getting ready and taking silly pics with our complimentary roses from the wedding expo. After Erin came back from her massage we rolled out to see "Alice in Wonderland." It was a good trip and because it was such nice weather that weekend we did a lot of walking around.
It really was a shame we left our wine behind.


  1. Ya'lls looked like you had fun. We are watching fantastic Mr. Fox tonight. Haven't seen Alice in Wonderland yet....except for these pics of you! Ha! Thanks for the link,yo.

  2. PS...Looked like Mr.Merman lost his top hat....a beret looks much more boho,yo!