Friday, March 26, 2010

Birthday Donkeys

My Mom's birthday is March 10th and since it's past and she's received this gift I can blog about it. My mom and I mail a lot of things back and forth, her more than I. And she also gets a lot of things on eBay, but recently the mail carrier won't leave them by the mailbox or take them to the porch. My Mom just finds those notes in the box that says come into the post office, you've got a package. Well... driving into town is not my mother's favorite thing to do, not even for a package. She mentioned getting a larger mailbox a few times and I made a mental note. So for her bday I went down to Marine Home Center here on island and walked home carrying a Jumbo mailbox. The thing is 24" deep, 15" high and 11" wide. It's the biggest mailbox I could find.
I knew I wanted to paint a cool scene on it so I placed a call to my brother, Cody, to see if a donkey scene would be the way to go and he gave me the go ahead. I used a photo Mom had sent me of some of her donkeys turned it into a silhouette. I actually got the idea from a t-shirt Simon has that depicts a cowboy on horseback silhouetted in front of a plateau. I just really liked the way the sun and the sky looked.

The problem was that I didn't prime the box... I got cocky and thought I could manage without it and that came back to bite me in the butt. I was trying to get it done fast and instead, not priming it meant a million layers that were just starting to look a little like poo.
So I finally broke down, gave up my crazy layers and threw down some white. What a difference...
I had planned on mailing this to Mom know full well that she'd get another note in her mailbox and have to drive to town for the oversized package. The last package she'd have to pick up since it's the world's largest mailbox. But after talking to Cody again we decided it would be cooler if came home from work one day and it was up and full of mail. So, I mailed it to Cody who drove home the next weekend and put the box up while Mom was at work. She actually drove home while Cody and our cousin, Derek, were finishing putting it up but she was still surprised. The poor guys ran into a slew of problems but battled on in the name of large parcel capacity.
Here's a picture of the mailbox in (in)action... nice work Cody and Derek.

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