Thursday, March 4, 2010

Simon's Birthday

Tuesday was Simon's 29th birthday.. the end of the 20s! Even if I had money, he's impossible to buy for. He doesn't need much, doesn't have lots of hobbies... just his car and even if I knew what he needed for that I can't afford it. So, I made him car related things. This is his car 2 summer's ago.
A kit car, the 1965 Shelby Daytona Coupe from Factory Five Racing. The factory is really close to us.. maybe 20 minutes from Hyannis. Simon likes to stop by there when we're off island just to check out the cars. This is the showroom model.
Right now his car is in his garage, in pieces until he gets the rest of the parts he needs. I have no idea what those are, but they're suppose to make it faster.

I made him his very own coffee mug.
One of my friends, Andy Schmidt, made a lot of these in college. He'd use his digital photography... they were super sweet, a series called Life with Andy where he'd take a million pics of himself in one scene and then put them all together as one photo. Brilliantly done. Anyway... I made a small collage with some print outs of Simon's car.
I also thought a t-shirt would be cool. He has to wear clothes, right? And this is a shirt Simon made for Halloween two years ago. I don't remember what he was trying to accomplish, but the shirt was cool. He painted his tire and drove over the tee. I found it balled up in the closet when I was cleaning a while back and thought it would be really cool if I added to it.
So I made a stencil of the Shelby Cobra logo and at the suggestion of our roommate, Denis, added the number '65 to the sleeve. He wore it yesterday around the house, but said the shirt itself doesn't fit the way he'd like it to. It looks great, what's he talking about?
Then as the icing on the cake, literally, I made an icing version of his car for the top of his cake. The problem was I didn't have a lot of time this week so I tried to take a short cut and it didn't work.
I used the canned decoration frosting to trace the car and fill it in, but even in the freezer it never got solid enough to peel off the waxpaper. What a crock! By this time my buddy, Julie, and I had had a few glasses of wine so drawing the car freehand was even more difficult.
It doesn't have the right proportions... it looks more like the Dalorian from Back to the Future than a Daytona Coupe, but it's the thought that counts.

He had a blast at his party...
There had to be over 20 people in our little apartment once things really started swinging. The beer flowed like wine and the women instinctively flocked like the salmon of Capistrano. Uh...actually... that's not true. The beer was abundant but the ladies were scarce. That's Nantucket in the winter for you. Sorry fellas. I'd like to mention that I'm suppose to be working on a shotski/tipksi for Simon. My mom placed an order for one as his Christmas present but I need to design it. I clearly haven't done that, but I will. Here's Cody, my little bro, with his first finished ski.
Let me know if you're interested in one... I'll give you his info.

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