Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pajama Game Performances...

One of the actresses boyfriends took all the production photos and shared them on facebook, so I took the ones I wanted to put on my blog. But Max Collins, aforementioned boyfriend, has a website (that's actually under construction) that leads you to more photos, which are actually just on facebook, which is what I linked to "Max Collins" ... anyway... photos....

This is the only picture of the Hernandos Hideaway set, but it's at the end of the play when it's lit brightly and the cast is in pajamas. Not the ideal picture but it's the best I could do. You'll just have to trust that it rocked and feel a little sadfaced because you missed seeing it.
"Steamheat" was really simple but ended up working out nicely. The guys doing a weird bird neck bob dance was my favorite part.
The next pretty simple "railroad station"
The picnic had a lot of pieces but needed to be big. It's "outdoors" and includes all the cast members. Nina, the costume designer, did the banner. It really came together, probably because of the swans.

This scene is actually toward the end of the play but it uses the same backdrop as the picnic so it gets to be next. These pictures are actually not even close to the order they should be in to tell the story of the play. But guess what... I'm not telling the story of the play. I'm showing how visually awesome it turned out to be. The costumes and the sets really did look great together.
The office in the pajama factory... The play takes place in Cedar Rapids, Iowa but I couldn't help it.. I had to throw in a sailboat painting. It's Nantucket! There has to be a sailboat painting!

In this scene, and it may be too far away to really tell, one character throws knives at another character. It was quite the challenge figuring out how we we're going to pull that off visually since we can't really have actors chucking projectiles across the stage. In the end, it was pretty simple. We put holes in the desk (the object the knives are to stick into) and had someone under the desk shoving our homemade prop knives handle first thru the hole, hopefully at the right time. Theoretically this was a great plan. Realistically, Caleb and I forgot to even put holes in the desk so opening night little Lizzy Skokan had to locate a drill and get it figured out. Placing the holes on the top of the desk was great in terms of masking. You couldn't tell the desk had been drilled into while sitting in the audience, but when the "knives were thrown" and magically stuck up from the desk at 90 degree angles it looked a bit silly. The rigged knives, by the way were steak knives from my kitchen rammed thru a scrap of luan and hot-glued to stay in place, if that makes sense.
This is the other scene where knife throwing is involved. You know how those crazy Iowans love their knife throwing.... This scene the knives stick into a tree. Even though I'd seen it and knew it was fake, from the audience this little trick looked real.
There's my super awesome Hernando sign. Didn't Caleb do a fantastic job cutting that out? Took him awhile but totally worth it. This is the only photo I could find for this scene, which is a sad face for sure because this scene really looked hot.
The factory... the sewing machines looked cool, but I wish there could have been a lot more of them...just for visual effect. I am glad, however, we didn't have to make a lot more. It's a give and a take.

I just liked this picture. Gladys has to shove Mr. Hasler in a sort of serpentine pattern across the stage as he delivers a little speech to the girls at the factory.
The breakroom...

Babe's Kitchen. I found some really great images of 1950s kitchens and loved the use of bright colors with white and yellow cabinets. I actually wish I had a functional version of this cute little setup.
There's the red "fridge" aka wooden chest. You can't even tell it's covered in tape and then painted.

And I guess that's it. It was fun times.... fun times.

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