Friday, April 2, 2010

A Tisket A Tasket

I've had a few fun art playdates in the last week and wanted to share. Zeb came over and I was thinking he was going to work on his logo design for the skate park logo contest, but somehow we started painting instead. Zeb had a great layered effect going on as a base and then used some butterflies he cut out of a magazine as stencils and spray painted the whole board. Then he went back in with a little collage. Sorry for the not-so-great photo, I'm still figuring out my new camera.

While Zeb was a busy little butterfly, I made an ass of myself. Ha ha... My plan was to do some pointalism. It's been forever since I've tried that technique and it was an okay amount of fun. I need to keep adding layers and getting a better feel for depth. I also think color would have helped this along. But something tells me I'm just going to paint over this and do something else, that's why I thought I'd post his little face while he still has one.
Then Carmen came over the other day to work on Easter Baskets for her nearest and dearest. She always looks like she's having way too much fun.
She inspired me to put together an Easter basket for Simon, but alas, I didn't have a basket. Have no fear... I can make one. This is the empty Ramen Noodle box with some basket looking scrapbooking paper glued to it. I painted the inside green and shredded some green paper to make the "grassy" inside. I gathered some goodies to put inside but I don't want to ruin the surprise incase Simon happens to check this before tomorrow. Fat chance, but you never know.
Carmen collected some great images and pulled things from some kids books to make a few Easter cards...

I painted some eggs even though I wasn't really sure what I'd do with them.
I ended up just finishing one cute lil egg. I snipped one of the carnations from my birthday bouquet and added some of my shredded grass paper to this guy. Then I glued him to a stick...
and Carmen added him to her basket. Not so visible in this pic, but I wanted to show the enormity of the whole thing. She must really like Chris. :)
Here's a close up of the egg on a stick.
And my last little bit of craftin' fun is the postcard I made Larry yesterday. Larry's love for spring time is pretty much directly linked to woman wearing skirts. Larry's a leg man. I actually thought of this card in my dream. I'd just read Fables; Storybook Love, a comic book where a group of men plant seeds and naked woman grow inside flower blossoms and in my dream I made some cards with woman in flowers. Well, thanks to a great magazine that Christie Cure gave me, I found the perfect lady for my flower and the rest just fell into place. I hope Larry likes his "spring chick."

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