Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Delight

saturday was it... the crafting season is finally over. no more days spent pedaling my goods. the high school was a great space to have a craft fair. there was plenty of room. and there was a good amount of people, locals looking for presents, mostly. i got a lot of good feedback and sold a decent amount of goods. the cards seemed to be a big hit and i finally found some people to appreciate the pear ornaments. yippee!
our game faces...

donald and joe had the other half of our table. it was great to hang out with them all day. they had some really great hand made cards. they were like little books. i really dig em. and i think donald caught the crafting bug. ha. too bad this is a terrible picture...
"dani, i think you need a better system." donald, i think you're right.

i was pretty good about not spending all the money i made on little things i don't need. but come on.... these are totally necessary. the turkey is my favorite, although the rooster rocks and the flamingo is the whole reason i left my booth to check these little puppies out.

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