Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stroll Craft Show

4ft of space, two vendors, two days...
not too shabby, right? Beth's mom donated the christmas tree for us to use. it was a nice touch.
and the trusty screen door was packed with our goodies...

it was a lot to see but i thought we did a fine job of putting all our things out.
the little toy ornaments were pretty popular even though the treasure pear ornaments weren't as big a hit as i had wanted. you win some, you lose some.
Lindsay Cressman created this little gem (the apron, clearly) it was polka-dotted and had pears on it. it's was meant to be, an absolute win.
Beth couldn't deck herself out in so many of her own wares the second day because she had to ring a ling-ding the bells for bell choir, and they have a uniform. but this pin she made was the perfect touch.
Jess was back for the weekend and stopped by to help set up. she make this fabulous wreath out of a few of my goodies.
the cards and postcards didn't sell as much as i'd hoped, so the second day i put a few on the door. i should have done that from the beginning.
who doesn't need a pair of these babies? ...

i like all the necklaces i make but this one is a bit of a favorite. Carmen snatched him up after the weekend. how could she not? he's a trick rider!
all in all, a good time. and Beth and I are back at it this coming saturday. it's the december delights craftshow at the high school. come check it out.

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