Thursday, December 10, 2009

keeping my guys on a string

good morning sunshines...
i'm up and at 'em this morning so i can drop off some art to Christie Cure before going to work. She's helping with an art for gifts show/sale that's going on this weekend and next.(Folger Ave. i forget the exact address) i can't give very much since Beth and i are doing the December Delights Craft Sale on saturday. but december delights ends at 3 and Christie's show starts at 6. if i'm lucky i can just move the display to the next show and set up shop there. i should find out today. but either way i'm putting these little fellas in Christie's show(plus some cards and earrings)...

this guy is about 2 feet tall... he's one of a few ceramic puppets i experimented with a few years ago. i haven't tried again, although, i know i should. he's not entirely successful in that he's really hard to control. but i still think he's cool.

i actually made little hands, fingers and toes but when it was all together it was just too much. simple sam is the name of the game.
on to the newest lasso necklaces... i'm still keeping my red guy that i found chopped in half... he's all beat up and missing both his thumbs. these two are in tip-top condition, aside from being cut in 2 and missing their pelvises. :)
i took these pics myself so you can't really see the faces that well. sorry. guess you'll just have to stop over to the folger ave. show and check 'em out.
*no toys were harmed in the making of these necklaces

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