Wednesday, December 9, 2009

rainy day crafting with carmen

Carmen came over today and we crafted it up... she started on some sweet Christmas cards while i picked the place up after the disastrous state I'd left in from the craft show this weekend. Carmen's tree card was money...

but her Santa and Rudolf is even cooler...
so i was inspired to do an xmas tree... these are made from old man pants i found at the take it or leave it. great score!

then i kicked it up a notch and tried some snowmen. i was on the phone with my mom when i got to the eyes. i couldn't decide to add the buttons or leave them blind and my mom suggested to do the cross/blind eye. my mom's a genius! i love these little guys. they're going in the art as gifts holiday show on this weekend that my friend, Christie Cure, invited me to. it's mostly other artists that will be there so i'm hoping i'll gather a few things in trade. i'll have some of my jewelry and cards there as well.

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