Wednesday, December 9, 2009

a lot of necklaces

i came home from the festival of trees party last thursday and found my living room full of Lithuanians. Nothing out of the ordinary there, but i had to work on some more things for the stroll show and wanted to take some pictures of things. Tomas helped me kick off the photo shoot...
it's kinda lame that i'm modeling all the necklaces and they're all over my black dress. but you get the idea...
the copper chain i ordered was perfect for these...
the flies (which i debated tearing apart, since i made them for halloween) looked pretty flippin sweet. i think it's the wings.
maybe a little hard to tell but this beauty is a cowboy and a goat.
and it's a bad picture, but the red soldier man who's chopped in half is my favorite necklace now. i'm not selling him but i did find some other soldier men. i think they're GI Joes that i made into necklaces like this one.
and here's some earrings and the nifty little cards i put the jewelry on. i'm working my way up.

Carmen just got the big white horse necklace. she's gonna rock it at work, she's a bartender. not a bad conversation piece if i do say so myself.

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