Monday, February 8, 2010

Carmen, corkstamps, and a card

Carmen and I have been meeting every week to craft it up and last week I was telling her about the costume design class I'm teaching and how hard it is to teach watercolor to ten year-olds in one class period. The kids did a pretty good job, but it's not an easy medium to grasp the first time. Anyway, I had an extra watercolor pad and beginner watercolor set that I gave Carmen and she's the best student ever. She came back with 3 finished paintings and called me this weekend because she was doing her self portrait! I'll have to get some pics of her work to put on here. She did a really nice one of a horse.

Carmen also brought over a grocery bag full of corks... I asked if she could collect some for me... and she did! Wendy Hudson, my boss at Bookworks, has started up Friday Crafternoons again and I needed to have a craft to teach the kids who showed up. I found this blog and this super sweet blog. I really liked the idea... it's fun, it can be used for valentines and it's recycling. The only thing I wasn't stoked about was having kids using exacto knives. Aside from kid slicing off their digits, it would be a big corky mess that I'd have to clean up. So... I was elated to see this. I have a bunch of foam creatures and letters that my mom sent me a while back and to make it even better, they all are self-adhesive. Most of them are too big to fit on the end of the cork but by rolling them and using thumb tacs as little grips they work like a charm!
Speaking of things my mom sends me... here's a cute pic of the littlest donkey she has. This arrived amid my tax papers and other mail that was sent to her house. I got the mail while I was on my way to work so I left him in the store for Suzanne to see. That same day, this book with a donkey on the cover came in... how serendipitous! Now they hang out together between the cash registers.
As for things that I've been making... I have to admit, it's not much. But my buddy, Billy, called the other day and asked if I had any v-day cards. Of course I do, but he didn't want the ones that were in the store. He wanted his own special one. So here it is. I hope I didn't make it too girly. :)

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