Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Alice Cooper

Wayne's World 2 is on tv right now so I felt this was more than appropriate.
My mom emailed me today to remind me about the birth of her favorite person.... well perhaps it's a toss up between her kids and Alice. She's a pretty big fan. We used to clean the house to Alice Trashed the world before the family would come over on Thanksgiving. Her office at work is filled with Alice memorabilia... Alice light switch plate, Alice jack-in-the-box, Alice concert tickets (framed with a picture of Alice), Alice figurines, this is a collaged poster I made for her on mother's day a few years ago. It had a prominent wall in the office.

meet her dog... Cooper. Pretty cute, huh? I can't find the great pics of both of us outside Alice Coopertown in Arizona. We drove something like eight hours out of the way to get there... and it was worth every minute. The waiters and waitresses all have Alice makeup and they give away tickets to Arizona sporting events. The food was good, and if i recall so was the margarita.
And lastly, just for fun, here's my own personal tribute to Alice. Halloween '05... if only I had a snake around my neck, could have been perfect.

So here's to you Alice. Happy Birthday!

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