Saturday, January 30, 2010

Playdate with Zeb

So after years of talking about it Zeb Bennett and I finally had an art playdate. He's in Nantucket High School and really into art. He was thinkin about taking some of my classes before I decided not to teach them thru the Dreamland. So we're starting to organize some times when we can meet up and make some art. Today we mostly swapped cool images and websites and talked about some ideas. Zeb started to sketch some things out and ...
It turned into this.... a lot of layers in oil pastel, scraped down with a serrated butter knife. I was digging it.
I was working on a watercolor example to show the girls in my costume design class. I gave them all a few sketches from What People Wore... a great book for costume reference. I told them to trace them if they want to practice drawing clothes on the figure. Plus, this way on Monday we can practice watercoloring without them fussing over drawing people and clothes.
this is the image I copied and traced...

So I could have a watercolor example to show them.

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