Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm Back!

Hello 2010! I'm back from a fantastic trip home for x-mas. I stayed with my buddies, Sara and Beka, in Des Moines. Their super cute dog, Simon, (same as my husband, what a coincidence) was a fun and noisy morning companion. He loved to dance with me to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

another little cutie was Shotski. The newest donkey addition at my mom's house. He's a month old in these pics and a little ball of fire. My mom thinks there will be two more babies this spring. Fingers crossed.

Simon and I (my Simon, not the puppy) exchanged presents before I left. He did great! ... a sweet paper cutter... for some reason there's a laser on it. seems a bit superfluous but still cool.

and one of my gifts to him was a little replica of his van. the story behind it is this... Simon is rebuilding a '65 Shelby Cobra and has a little replica of it in his shop. He constantly jokes that his work van, a pretty well used Chevy, "is a very fast van." I painted this guy so his cobra won't be lonely. :)

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