Monday, January 11, 2010

sketch books

I made some sketch books for my buddy Suzanne. Both of her sons are artistic and creative so she wanted some cool sketch books for them. Zeb and River, Suzanne's boys, are both surfers so i went with that as the theme. And I didn't get a picture, but the inside cover has a little pocket. Thought that was kinda nifty.

I made a few books a while ago after i found this book.MakeBooks.jpg
so I made these sketch books with cardboard scraps I gathered from my work at the time. It was great as a blank cover to draw on. Unfortunately I'm out of all that cardboard, but collage seemed like a good solution too. My mom said that she could start collecting the different cardboard from her work and send it to me.

I need to branch out, try different types of binding and something more than sketchbooks. I keep thinking that I'll take some of my grandma's poem, illustrate them and hand bind a few books to give to a few family members. I really got the idea after my buddy, Christie Cure, showed me The Book of Repulsive Women.

I also have to put a book together for Simon since I tore his apart to steal the pages for Zeb and River's. Simon doesn't need a sketchbook, so I'm thinking I should give a daily planner a go.

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  1. I really love the flys and alice and wonderland rabbit.