Sunday, January 17, 2010

More Wally

So I've been working a bit on the Wally illustrations. I really snagged myself up with a two-page Andrea Doria shipwreck scene. It's not coming together like I want. So I think I'll move on and come back to it. I do like the line drawing of the shipwreck... it just needs to play better with others. Or maybe it's not the shipwreck that I don't like... but the whole mesh of things together.
I was thinking it would be easier to draw pieces separately and fit them together in photoshop. then I would be able to change scale and color and all that jazz. Unfortunately I'm not really in love with the way it's working out. This might mean, back to the drawing board.

but here's the Andrea Doria

and the page where little Wally is mad at his parents, lying in his bed.

Also... a little bonus- Jeanne just told me how to add videos to my blog... yippee! So I'm sharing the fantastic papercut animations she sent me yesterday. enjoy!

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